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MSZ EN 62040-1:2009
Szünetmentes energiaellátó rendszerek (UPS). 1. rész: UPS általános és biztonsági követelményei (IEC 62040-1:2008 + 2008. augusztusi helyesbítés)
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Uninterruptible power systems (UPS). Part 1: General and safety requirements for UPS (IEC 62040-1:2008 + corrigendum August 2008)
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1.1 Scope This part of IEC 62040 applies to uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with an electrical energy storage device in the d.c. link. It is used with IEC 60950-1, which is referred to in this standard as "RD" (reference document). NOTE UPS applications generally make use of a chemical battery as the energy storage device. Alternative devices may be suitable, and as such, where “battery” appears in the text of this standard, where applicable, this may be understood as “energy storage device”. When a clause is referred to by the phrase "The definitions or the provisions of item/RD apply", this phrase is intended to mean that the definitions or provisions in that clause of IEC 60950-1 apply, except any which are clearly inapplicable to uninterruptible power systems. National requirements additional to those in IEC 60950-1 apply and are found as notes under relevant clauses of the RD. The primary function of the UPS covered by this standard is to ensure continuity of an alternating power source. The UPS may also serve to improve the quality of the power source by keeping it within specified characteristics. This standard is applicable to UPS which are movable, stationary, fixed or for building-in, for use in low-voltage distribution systems and intended to be installed in any operator accessible area or in restricted access locations as applicable. It specifies requirements to ensure safety for the operator and layman who may come into contact with the equipment and, where specifically stated, for the service person. This standard is intended to ensure the safety of installed UPS, both as a single UPS unit or as a system of interconnected UPS units, subject to installing, operating and maintaining the UPS in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer. This standard does not cover UPS based on rotating machines. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements and definitions are given in IEC 62040-2. 1.2 Specific applications Even if this standard does not cover all types of UPS, it may be taken as a guide for such equipment. Requirements additional to those specified in this standard may be necessary for specific applications, e.g. related to UPS that operate: – while exposed to extremes of temperature; to excessive dust, moisture, or vibration; to flammable gases; to corrosive or to explosive atmospheres; – where ingress of water and foreign objects are possible; NOTE 1 Annex H provides guidance on such requirements and on relevant testing. – in vehicles, on board ships or aircraft, in tropical countries, or at elevations greater than 1 000 m; NOTE 2 Guidance for performance of UPS operating at elevations greater than 1 000 m is provided in 4.1.1 of IEC 62040-3. – with trapezoidal output waveforms and long run times (greater than 30 min); NOTE 3 In addition to complying with of IEC 62040-3, voltage distortion tests for the purpose of load compatibility should also be performed. – subject to transient overvoltages exceeding those of overvoltage category II according to IEC 60664; NOTE 4 Subclause G.2.1/RD provides guidance for additional protection against transient overvoltages at the mains supply to the UPS. Where such additional protection is an integral part of the equipment insulation requirements, creepage distances and clearance distances from the mains through to the load side of the additional protection may be judged as category III or IV as required. All further downstream insulation requirements, creepage distances, and clearance distances on the load side of the additional protection may be judged as category I or II as required. – in electromedical applications with the UPS located within 1,5 m of the patient contact area; – in systems classified as emergency power systems by an authority having jurisdiction. NOTE 5 Additional requirements may also apply in accordance with local regulations.
29.200 Egyenirányítók. Áramátalakítók. Stabilizált tápegységek
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idt EN 62040-1:2008; idt EN 62040-1:2008/AC:2009; idt IEC 62040-1:2008; idt IEC 62040-1:2008/C:2008
2009/07: Helyesbítés
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2006/95/EK; (LVD06); 2014/35/EU (LVD14)
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MSZ EN 62040-1:2009

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