MSZ EN ISO 14630:2013

Nem aktív sebészeti implantátumok. Általános követelmények (ISO 14630:2012)

Non-active surgical implants. General requirements (ISO 14630:2012)

This International Standard specifies general requirements for non-active surgical implants, hereafter referred to as implants. This International Standard is not applicable to dental implants, dental restorative materials, transendodontic and transradicular implants, intra-ocular lenses and implants utilizing viable animal tissue. With regard to safety, this International Standard specifies requirements for intended performance, design attributes, materials, design evaluation, manufacture, sterilization, packaging and information supplied by the manufacturer, and tests to demonstrate compliance with these requirements. Additional tests are given or referred to in level 2 and level 3 standards. NOTE This International Standard does not require that the manufacturer have a quality management system in place. However, the application of a quality management system, such as that described in ISO 13485, might be appropriate to help ensure that the implant achieves its intended performance.

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: 2013-05-01

11.040.40 - Sebészeti implantátumok, protézisek és ortézisek

MSZT/MCS 211  Orvostechnika

: idt ISO 14630:2012; idt EN ISO 14630:2012


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MSZ EN ISO 14630:2013



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