MSZ EN 60601-2-44:2009

Gyógyászati villamos készülékek. 2-44. rész: Számítógépes rétegfelvétel-készítő röntgenberendezések alapvető biztonsági és lényeges teljesítőképességi követelményei (IEC 60601-2-44:2009)

Medical electrical equipment. Part 2-44: Particular requirements for the basic safety and essential performance of X-ray equipment for computed tomography (IEC 60601-2-44:2009)

Replacement: This International Standard applies to the BASIC SAFETY and ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE of CT SCANNERS, hereafter also referred to as ME EQUIPMENT. If a clause or subclause is specifically intended to be applicable to ME EQUIPMENT only, or to ME SYSTEMS only, the title and content of that clause or subclause will say so. If that is not the case, the clause or subclause applies both to ME EQUIPMENT and to ME SYSTEMS, as relevant. NOTE 1 See also 4.2 of the general standard. The scope of this document is limited to CT SCANNERS intended to be used for both head and body characterised by an ENCLOSURE of the X-ray source(s) and imaging detector(s) in a common protective cover in the shape of a toroid. It includes safety requirements for the XRAY GENERATORS used in CT SCANNERS, including those where HIGH-VOLTAGE GENERATORS are integrated with an X-RAY TUBE ASSEMBLY. NOTE 2 Requirements for X-RAY GENERATORS and for ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT, which were previously specified in IEC 60601-2-7 and IEC 60601-2-32, have been included in either IEC 60601-1:2005 (Ed3) or this edition of IEC 60601-2-44. Therefore IEC 60601-2-7 and IEC 60601-2-32 are not part of the 3rd edition scheme for COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY.

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: 2009-08-01

11.040.50 - Röntgenkészülékek

MSZT/MB 843  Gyógyászati villamos készülékek

: idt EN 60601-2-44:2009; idt IEC 60601-2-44:2009

: MSZ EN 60601-2-44:2009/A1:2013; MSZ EN 60601-2-44:2009/A11:2012; MSZ EN 60601-2-44:2009/A2:2016


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MSZ EN 60601-2-44:2009



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