MSZ EN 13428:2004

Csomagolás. A gyártás és összetétel specifikus követelményei. Megelőzés anyagfelhasználás-csökkentéssel

Packaging. Requirements specific to manufacturing and composition. Prevention by source reduction

This document specifies a procedure for assessment of packaging to ensure that the weight and/or volume of its material content is at the minimum commensurate with the maintenance of : - functionality throughout the supply and user chain ; - safety and hygiene for both product and user/consumer ; - acceptability of the packed product to the user/consumer. This document also specifies the methodology and procedure for determining the presence of the four heavy metals named in article 11 of the packaging and packaging waste Directive 94/62/EC and for determining the presence and minimisation of any dangerous substances or preparations if they are present in packaging and are likely to be released into the environment as a result of waste management operations. The procedures are referenced in CR 13695-1 and CEN/TR 13695-2. NOTE The substitution of one packaging material by another is not a basis for source reduction. This document cannot by itself provide presumption of conformity. The procedure for applying this document is contained in EN 13427.

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: 2004-12-01

13.030.99 - Hulladékokra vonatkozó egyéb szabványok 55.020 - Termékcsomagolás és -elosztás általában

MSZT/MCS 511  Csomagolás

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MSZ EN 13428:2004



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