MSZ EN ISO 13535:2001

Kőolaj- és földgázipar. Fúró- és kitermelőberendezések. Emelőberendezések (ISO 13535:2000)

Petroleum and natural gas industries. Drilling and production equipment. Hoisting equipment (ISO 13535:2000)

This International Standard provides requirements for the design, manufacture and testing of hoisting equipment suitable for use in drilling and production operations. This International Standard is applicable to the following drilling and production hoisting equipment: a) hoisting sheaves; b) travelling blocks and hook blocks; c) block-to-hook adapters; d) connectors and link adapters; e) drilling hooks; f) tubing hooks and sucker-rod hooks; g) elevator links; h) casing elevators, tubing elevators, drill-pipe elevators and drill-collar elevators; i) sucker-rod elevators; j) rotary swivel-bail adapters; k) rotary swivels; l) power swivels; m) power subs; n) spiders, if capable of being used as elevators; o) wire-line anchors; p) drill-string motion compensators; q) kelly spinners, if capable of being used as hoisting equipment; r) pressure vessels and piping mounted onto hoisting equipment; s) safety clamps, if capable of being used as hoisting equipment; t) guide dollies (annex B). This International Standard establishes requirements for two product specification levels (PSLs). These two PSL designations define different levels of technical requirements. All the requirements of clause 4 through clause 11 are applicable to PSL 1 unless specifically identified as PSL 2. PSL 2 includes all the requirements of PSL 1 plus the additional practices as stated herein. Supplementary requirements apply only when specified. Annex A gives a number of standardized supplementary requirements.

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: 2001-12-01

75.180.10 - Kutató-, fúró- és kitermelőberendezések

MSZT/MCS 333  Kőolaj- és földgázipari anyagok és berendezések

: idt EN ISO 13535:2000; idt ISO 13535:2000


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MSZ EN ISO 13535:2001



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