MSZ EN ISO 35106:2020

Kőolaj- és földgázipar. Sarkvidéki tevékenységek. Tengermeteorológiai, jég- és tengerfenékadatok (ISO 35106:2017)

Petroleum and natural gas industries. Arctic operations. Metocean, ice, and seabed data (ISO 35106:2017)

This document specifies requirements and provides recommendations and guidance for the collection, analysis and presentation of relevant physical environmental data for activities of the petroleum and natural gas industries in arctic and cold regions. Activities include design and operations, which involve planning and actual execution. Reference to arctic and cold regions in this document is deemed to include both the Arctic and other locations characterized by low ambient temperatures and the presence or possibility of sea ice, icebergs, shelf ice, glaciers, icing conditions, persistent snow cover, frozen surfaces of lakes and rivers, localized and rapidly changing weather systems and/or permafrost. This document outlines requirements for a range of different operations that have been or are presently being undertaken and for existing design concepts. This document can also be used for other operations and new design concepts in arctic and cold regions as long as it is recognized that all data requirements are not necessarily addressed.

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: 2020-04-01

75.020 - Kőolaj és földgáz kitermelése és feldolgozása

MSZT/MCS 333  Kőolaj- és földgázipari anyagok és berendezések

: idt ISO 35106:2017; idt EN ISO 35106:2019


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MSZ EN ISO 35106:2020



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