MSZ EN 45558:2019

Általános módszer az energiával kapcsolatos termékekben lévő kritikus fontosságú nyersanyagok használatáról szóló nyilatkozatra

General method to declare the use of critical raw materials in energy-related products

The main intended use of this document is to provide a means for information on the use of CRMs to be exchanged up and down the supply chain and with other relevant stakeholders. Potential users of this document are any public, private or social enterprises involved in the production of ErP, such as manufacturers of energy-related products (including SMEs) and other organisations in the product supply chain. It is also relevant to European market surveillance and trade authorities as well as European policy makers. This document is horizontal in nature, and can be applied directly to any type of energy-related product. This document proposes a standardized format for reporting use of CRMs in energy-related products by applying the EN IEC 62474 materials declaration standard. However, this document does not provide or determine any specific method or tool to collect CRM data. Process chemicals, emissions during product manufacturing and packaging are not in scope of this document.

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: 2019-08-01

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MSZ EN 45558:2019



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