MSZ EN IEC 60204-11:2019

Gépek biztonsága. Gépek villamos szerkezetei. 11. rész: Az 1000 V-nál nagyobb váltakozó feszültségű vagy 1500 V-nál nagyobb egyenfeszültségű és legfeljebb 36 kV-os szerkezetek követelményei (IEC 60204-11:2018)

Safety of machinery. Electrical equipment of machines. Part 11: Requirements for equipment for voltages above 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC and not exceeding 36 kV (IEC 60204-11:2018)

This part of IEC 60204 applies to electrical and electronic equipment and systems to machines, including a group of machines working together in a co-ordinated manner, which operate at nominal voltages above 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC and not exceeding 36 kV AC or DC with nominal frequencies not exceeding 60 Hz. In this document, the term HV equipment also covers the LV equipment forming an integral part of the equipment operating at high voltage. The requirements in this document primarily cover the parts operating at high-voltage except where explicitly stated otherwise. NOTE 1 LV equipment not forming part of the HV equipment is covered by IEC 60204-1:2016. NOTE 2 In this document, the term "electrical" includes both electrical and electronic matters (i.e. electrical equipment means both the electrical and the electronic equipment). NOTE 3 This document does not apply to independent high-voltage power supply installations for which separate IEC standards exist. The electrical equipment covered by this document commences at the point of connection of the supply to the electrical equipment of the machine (see 5.1). NOTE 4 For the requirements for high-voltage power supply installations, see IEC 61936-1. This document is a generic safety standard. It does not cover all the requirements (e.g. guarding, interlocking or control) which are needed or required by other standards or regulations in order to safeguard personnel from hazards other than electrical hazards. Each type of machine has unique requirements to be accommodated to provide adequate safety. NOTE 5 In some machines the high-voltage power supply can be produced by a step-up transformer (autotransformer), supplied by a low-voltage system (e.g. by a LV generator). NOTE 6 In the context of this document, the term "person" refers to any individual; "personnel" are those persons who are assigned and instructed by the user or his agent(s) in the use and care of the machine in question. This part of IEC 60204 specifically includes, but is not limited to, machines as defined in 3.29 (Annex A lists examples of machines whose electrical equipment can be covered by this document). For protection against electric shock from high-voltage equipment, this document refers to IEC 61936-1. When it comes to low-voltage equipment, this document refers to IEC 602041:2016. NOTE 7 High- and low-voltage standards use different terms regarding protection against electric shock. Whereas high-voltage standards use the terms “direct contact” and “indirect contact”, low-voltage standards correspondingly use “basic protection” and “fault protection”. Additional and special requirements can apply to the electrical equipment of machines that – are used in the open air (i.e. outside buildings or other protective structures); – use, process or produce potentially explosive material (e.g. paint or sawdust); – are used in potentially explosive and/or flammable atmospheres; – have special risks when producing or using certain materials; – are used in mines. Hazards as a result of noise and vibration are excluded from the scope of this document

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: 2019-05-01

29.020 - Elektrotechnika általában 13.110 - Gépek biztonsága

MSZT/MB 837  Ipari gépek biztonsága. Villamos szempontok

: idt EN IEC 60204-11:2019; idt IEC 60204-11:2018


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