MSZ EN ISO 10350-1:2018

Műanyagok. Összehasonlítható, egypontú adatok gyűjtése és bemutatása. 1. rész: Fröccsanyagok (ISO 10350-1:2017)

Plastics. Acquisition and presentation of comparable single-point data. Part 1: Moulding materials (ISO 10350-1:2017)

The ISO 10350 series identifies specific test procedures for the acquisition and presentation of comparable data for certain basic properties of plastics. In general, each property is specified by a single experimental value, although in certain cases properties are represented by two values obtained under different test conditions. The properties included are those presented conventionally in manufacturers' data sheets. This document applies predominantly to unreinforced and reinforced thermoplastic and thermosetting materials that may be injection- or compression-moulded or prepared as sheets of specified thickness. For the purposes of this document, long-fibre-reinforced plastics are considered to have fibre lengths greater than 7,5 mm prior to moulding. NOTE ISO 10350-2 deals specifically with long- or continuous-fibre-reinforced plastics.

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: 2018-06-01

83.080.20 - Hőre lágyuló anyagok

MSZT/MB 711  Műanyagok

: idt EN ISO 10350-1:2017; idt ISO 10350-1:2017


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MSZ EN ISO 10350-1:2018



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