MSZ EN 55035:2017

Multimédia-készülékek elektromágneses összeférhetősége. Zavartűrési követelmények (CISPR 35:2016, módosítva)

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment. Immunity requirements (CISPR 35:2016, modified)

NOTE Blue coloured text within this document indicates text aligned with CISPR 32. CISPR 32 contains the appropriate emission requirements above 150 kHz for the equipment within the scope of this document. This document applies to multimedia equipment (MME) as defined in 3.1.24 and having a rated AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600 V. MME within the scope of CISPR 20 or CISPR 24 is within the scope of this document. MME with a broadcast reception function is within the scope of this document, see Annex A. MME with non-broadcast wireless interfaces is also within the scope of this document, however, compliance with this document does not require the assessment of the performance of these interfaces. MME intended primarily for professional use is within the scope of this document. MME for which immunity requirements in the frequency range covered by this document are explicitly formulated in other CISPR documents (except CISPR 20 and CISPR 24) are excluded from the scope of this document. The objectives of this document are: • to establish requirements which provide an adequate level of intrinsic immunity so that the MME will operate as intended in its environment in the frequency range 0 kHz to 400 GHz; • to specify procedures to ensure the reproducibility of tests and the repeatability of results. Due to technology convergence of the functions of MME, the performance criteria have been determined on a function-orientated basis rather than on an equipment-orientated basis.

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: 2017-11-01

33.100.20 - Zavartűrés

MSZT/MB 847  Elektromágneses összeférhetőség (EMC)

: idt EN 55035:2017/A11:2020; idt EN 55035:2017; idt CISPR 35:2016; idt EN 55035:2017/AC:2019

: 2020/09: Helyesbítés; 2020/01: Helyesbítés


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MSZ EN 55035:2017



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