MSZ EN 16064:2012

Csomagolás. Merev falú műanyag tartályok. 30/25 menetes szájméretű PET-palackok (becsavarási hossz 18,5)

Packaging. Rigid plastic containers. PET finish 30/25 High (18,5)

This European Standard specifies the dimensions and requirements of the 30 mm tall screw finish with three (3) thread starts for flat waters and non-carbonated beverages. This finish can be used for aseptic filling and filling with introduction of nitrogen. The dimension (18,5) is the height in millimetres from the top of finish to the bottom of the support ledge. This finish is designed to take a tamper evident plastic closure only. During first opening, the tamper evident band will separate from the closure shell and stay on a one-way bottle neck or like bottles in the returnable market, the tamper evident band will tear but will remain connected to the closure shell.

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: 2012-04-01

55.100 - Palackok. Edények. Befőttes üvegek

MSZT/MCS 511  Csomagolás

: idt EN 16064:2011


: 4 690,0 Ft
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MSZ EN 16064:2012



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