MSZ EN ISO 13628-7:2007

Kőolaj- és földgázipar. Tenger alatti termelőrendszerek kialakítása és működése. 7. rész: Fúrólyuk-kiképzési/befejezési felszállócsőrendszerek (ISO 13628-7:2005)

Petroleum and natural gas industries. Design and operation of subsea production systems. Part 7: Completion/workover riser systems (ISO 13628-7:2005)

ISO 13628-7:2005 gives requirements and recommendations for the design, analysis, materials, fabrication, testing and operation of subsea completion/workover (C/WO) riser systems run from a floating vessel. It is applicable to all new C/WO riser systems and may be applied to modifications, operation of existing systems and reuse at different locations and with different floating vessels. ISO 13628-7:2005 is intended to serve as a common reference for designers, manufacturers and operators/users, thereby reducing the need for company specifications. ISO 13628-7:2005 is limited to risers, manufactured from low alloy carbon steels. Risers fabricated from special materials such as titanium, composite materials and flexible pipes are beyond the scope of ISO 13628-7:2005. Specific equipment covered by ISO 13628-7:2005 include riser joints, connectors; workover control systems; surface flow trees, surface tree tension frames, lower workover riser packages, lubricator valves, retainer valves, subsea test trees, shear subs, tubing hanger orientation systems, swivels, annulus circulation hoses, riser spiders, umbilical clamps, handling and test tools, tree cap running tools. Associated equipment not covered by ISO 13628-7:2005 include tubing hangers, internal and external tree caps, tubing hanger running tools, surface coiled tubing units, surface wireline units, surface tree kill and production jumpers.

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: 2007-05-01

75.180.10 - Kutató-, fúró- és kitermelőberendezések

MSZT/MCS 333  Kőolaj- és földgázipari anyagok és berendezések

: idt EN ISO 13628-7:2006; idt ISO 13628-7:2005


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MSZ EN ISO 13628-7:2007



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