MSZ EN ISO 19114:2005

Földrajzi információ. Minőségértékelési eljárások (ISO 19114:2003)

Geographic information. Quality evaluation procedures (ISO 19114:2003)

ISO 19114:2003 provides a framework of procedures for determining and evaluating quality that is applicable to digital geographic datasets, consistent with the data quality principles defined in ISO 19113. It also establishes a framework for evaluating and reporting data quality results, either as part of data quality metadata only, or also as a quality evaluation report. ISO 19114:2003 is applicable to data producers when providing quality information on how well a dataset conforms to the product specification, and to data users attempting to determine whether or not the dataset contains data of sufficient quality to be fit for use in their particular applications. Although ISO 19114:2003 is applicable to all types of digital geographic data, its principles can be extended to many other forms of geographic data such as maps, charts and textual documents.

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: 2005-07-01
: 2014-07-01

35.240.70 - Informatikai alkalmazások a tudományban

MSZT/MB 818  Térinformatika

: idt EN ISO 19114:2005; idt EN ISO 19114:2005/AC:2006; idt ISO 19114:2003

: 2006/09: Helyesbítés


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MSZ EN ISO 19114:2005

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