MSZ EN 13722:2004

Bútorok. A felületi fényesség értékelése

Furniture. Assessment of the surface gloss

This document specifies a method for the assessment of the surface gloss of furniture surfaces using three reflectometer geometries, 20°, 60° or 85° and relates to rigid surfaces of all finished products regardless of materials, except for finishes on leather and fabrics, which are excluded from this document. The test is intended to be carried out on finished furniture, but can be carried out on test panels of the same material, finished in an identical manner to the finished product, and of a size sufficient to meet the requirements of the test. It is not applicable for finishes on some metallic paints and pearly coatings.

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: 2004-12-01

97.140 - Bútorok

MSZT/MB 510  Bútor

: idt EN 13722:2004


: 5 090,0 Ft
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MSZ EN 13722:2004



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