MSZ EN 60300-3-14:2004

Megbízhatóságirányítás. 3-14. rész: Alkalmazási útmutató. Karbantartás és karbantartás-ellátás (IEC 60300-3-14:2004)

Dependability management. Part 3-14: Application guide. Maintenance and maintenance support (IEC 60300-3-14:2004)

This part of IEC 60300 describes a framework for maintenance and maintenance support and the various minimal common practices that should be undertaken. The purpose of this standard is to outline, in a generic manner, management, processes and techniques related to maintenance and maintenance support that are necessary to achieve adequate dependability to meet the operational needs of the customer. NOTE 1 Maintenance and maintenance support are a major element of dependability as described in IEC 60300-1 and IEC 60300-2. In some cases, regulatory and other mandatory requirements need to be considered. Maintenance and maintenance support requirements and obligations may therefore need to be specified in a contract, which cites this standard. This standard is intended for use by a wide range of suppliers, maintenance support organizations and users and can be applied to all items. This standard is applicable to items, which include all types of products, equipment and systems (hardware and associated software). Most of these require a certain level of maintenance to ensure that their required functionality, dependability, capability, economic, safety and regulatory requirements are achieved. NOTE 2 For consistency, this standard will use the term ?item? as defined in 3.1.5, except where the context requires otherwise.

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: 2004-08-01

29.020 - Elektrotechnika általában 03.120.10 - Minőségirányítás és minőségbiztosítás

MSZT/MB 830  Megbízhatóság

: idt IEC 60300-3-14:2004; idt EN 60300-3-14:2004


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