MSZ EN 61828:2002

Ultrahangok. Fókuszáló átalakítók. A gerjesztett terek fogalommeghatározásai és mérési módszerei (IEC 61828:2001)

Ultrasonics. Focusing transducers. Definitions and measurement methods for the transmitted fields (IEC 61828:2001)

This International Standard - provides definitions for the transmitted field characteristics of focusing transducers for applications in medical ultrasound; - relates these definitions to theoretical descriptions, design, and measurement of the transmitted fields of focusing transducers; - gives measurement methods for obtaining defined characteristics of focusing transducers; - specifies beam axis alignment methods appropriate for focusing transducers. This International Standard relates to focusing ultrasonic transducers operating in the frequency range appropriate to medical ultrasound (0,5 MHz to 40 MHz) for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. It shows how the characteristics of the transmitted field of transducers may be described from the point of view of design, as well as measured by someone with no prior knowledge of the construction details of a particular device. The radiated ultrasound field for a specified excitation is measured by a hydrophone in either a standard test medium (for example, water) or in a given medium. The standard applies only to media where the field behaviour is essentially like that in a fluid (i.e. where the influence of shear waves and elastic anisotropy is small), including soft tissues and tissue-mimicking gels. Any aspects of the field that affect their theoretical description or are important in design are also included. These definitions would have use in scientific communications, system design and description of the performance and safety of systems using these devices. This standard incorporates definitions from other related standards1 where possible, and supplies new, more specific terminology, both for defining focusing characteristics and for providing a basis for measurement of these characteristics.

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: 2002-04-01

11.040.55 - Diagnosztikai készülékek 11.040.60 - Terápiai berendezések

MSZT/MB 843  Gyógyászati villamos készülékek

: idt EN 61828:2001; idt IEC 61828:2001


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MSZ EN 61828:2002



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